Thursday, December 27, 2007


My plane boards for Frankfurt Germany in about 25 minutes. In a few hours my fancy red phone that has made my life simpler and easier, will be silent for a long time. I will no longer know if I should be checking my email, facebook, myspace, youtube, flickr,, or any other of the hundreds of alerts spread across 3 email accounts, 4 social networks and the myriad of travel points networks that I belong to. Nothing. Not a peep. Not a text. It's just a pretty little phone book/calculator now.

Oddly enough, to maintain its potential return to power still is going to cost me $5.95 a month.
My phone, it still has a lifeline. For all of my recent detachment, I still give it that. Who am I kidding? I still included my ex-girlfriend in the bulk announcement of my impending silence. The power of modern attachments and ancient attachments are strong equals.

I like airport bars. The service and the prices encourage moderation. As does the company most often . I did meet a guy in the Dallas airport once. He was talking to everybody, back in the corner of the smoking bar. We were all crushed back in the corner huffing down our addiction, eyes burning, sipping $5 cokes and $8 drinks. They knew they had us. The guy was chatting up everyone. He was friendly, and seemed sincere. Of course, as I was leaving I noticed his reach had narrowed in conversation to a very pretty blonde in a business suit. They looked cute together I thought.

Well, It's time to go to Germany. I've spared the pictures of places stateside. We're going to take a little shift now, and start looking for things that are different. See you later. Probably tomorrow morning. From Frankfurt Airport, where they will test my non-smoking resolve.