Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not such an easy list after all

I usually love not having a vehicle. I don't spend any money on gas, oil, tires, insurance, car washes, and all that endless list of car ownership. That is different right now. I have arranged a trip half-way across the planet, gotten a scholarship through the State Department, and still managed not to completely fail in school (miracle on the last part). The holiday season is seriously impeding my departure from my block though. No car, soon no phone, and no internet. All I want to do is get most of this crap (which most of it is) off to Goodwill, with the remainder in my generous friend's basement.


However, In four days, I'll be gone. Regardless. In eight days, I'll have plenty of money. In 10 days, I'll start school in Hyderabad. It's possible that in eight days I will be on the beach in Goa with a bunch of international college students listening to live house/dance/trance/techno performances. Whatever the case, one thing is saving me from certain madness. Winter ends in 5 days. I can only think of one other time that I have mad so many countdowns. That time is over, and as the distance grows from it, it begins to pale in comparison. Back to sweeping up, and begging for transport.

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